An app concept for a reusable shopping bag return/refund

I developed this concept/experience when I realized there was no way to return all of the extra bags provided for an order.

The Problem

Since the implementation of legislation restricting use of plastic and paper bags by restaurants and grocery stores, stores began packaging orders in reusable bags. Without a way to return these reusable bags, new reusable bags are constantly being supplied, especially for customers who place orders online for pickup.

This leads to 3 issues:

  1. Customer issue: Additional fees for customers when their orders are packed in reusable store bags
  2. Business issue: Additional ongoing Manufacturing/production cost for stores
  3. Environmental issue: Continued environmental issues since reusable bags are consistantly being produced and may not be reused by customers who originally received them

According to average cotton shopping bag would need to be reused 131 times to account for its higher impact on the production side...

By having the option to return the bags to the store and have the grocery store bag fee be reimbursed, there's an added incentive to return the reusable bags into circulation to be reused by other customers.



The Solution

Incentivize customers and gamify the experience of returning the bags through providing a tangible refund while making the return experience easy and hassle free. Customers can login through their store account, and be reimbursed to their payment method on file.