Videos created for the Black Friday 2021 Sale and the "View in room" tool


Rugs USA (2020–2021)


  • Art direction
  • Animation/motion graphics
  • Visual Design
  • Software

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe After Effects

    View in room tool

    The problem: Customers were not aware of the "view in room" feature powered by Roomvo.

    The Solution: To increase awarenesss of the feature, I helped in creating an animation to demonstrate how the tool can be used to preview a rug before buying. The animation was used on the Rugs USA instagram account and was intended for use on the PDP.


    Black Friday Campaign

    The problem: Rugs USA wanted a way to communicate their best sales of the year with their customers on various digital channels including the Rugs USA homepage, email, Instagram, and paid ads.

    The Solution: I had planned for all of the creative to be animated to increase cutomer engagement. I was responsible for the concept, design, animation, and execution of different looks for the Black Friday time period (Nov.12-26). Both of the designs below were used on the homepage during this time frame to keep the sale looking fresh. The concept for the first version was a play on using elements of pattern, that one could find on a rug, and having them radiate outward as though eminating from the sale messaging. The concept for the second version was a more literal take on unrolling rugs.

    Black Friday Sale Homepage banner   Black Friday Sale Homepage banner Black Friday Sale Homepage banner