Various sale email heroes

The email heroes for Rugs USA generally relate to either a site sale, a specific style story, or a theme. These sales usually last for a 3-4 Days. I designed the treatment for the email heroes that that could be used for many different kinds of sales. The background image either uses creative from the homepage or more subtle stock photography. Subtle stock photography is used as a background element to compliment the UGC photography. Use of UGC photography is part of the branding strategy. I standardized the minimum font size for emails so that the copy is legible at mobile sizes. Type lockups use Raleway and Roboto, the brand fonts.

Instagram stories

Stories relatinig to a Neutrals sale running on the eCommerce website

A story relatinig to a summer sale (2019)

Stories relatinig to specific collections.

Instagram highlight icons

Created to be inline with the overall update in branding for Rugs USA.

Categories include:

  • Lighting
  • Cleaning/Care guides
  • Rug style tips
  • Gift guide
  • Floor tour series
  • Washable rugs
  • Home stories
  • Inspiration

  • Select animations — created for the Rugs USA Instagram account and eCommerce site

    Process & tools used

  • Hand drawn frame animation
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Photoshop