An app concept to address the issue fine artists face when disposing of liquids used to clean brushes and palettes.


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  • Software

  • Figma
  • ❗ The Problem

    It’s not easy or efficient to dispose of paint waste There are tutorials online that provide ways to safely dispose of paint waste but it’s time consuming, and requires purchase of several different products. The issue of disposal arises after painting when cleaning brushes, palettes, or other painting materials. Painters commonly empty used paint water down sink drains which potentially causes drain issues, and is not safe for the environment.

    💡 The Solution

     With a service like a garbage pick-up, painters and people doing crafts can easily collect their waste in a provided bucket, schedule a pick-up, and leave the waste for a pick-up team. The service would provide collection buckets for the waste water/oils once a customer has signed up. The pick-up team can deliver the waste to a cleaning/treatment facility.


    Jen, 28

    Brooklyn, NY

    Fine Artist  |  Painter  |  Etsy Store Owner

    Jen spends most of her time drawing and painting. She has many tubes of oil paint, paint brushes and other paint supplies. When a paint tube is empty she discards it in the garbage. When she cleans her brushes with turpentine, linseed oil, or poppyseed oil, it requires her to bring the waste to a hazardous waste collection site which is not convenient.

    “Having to collect my oil paint waste and find a way to drop it off at a collection site is inconvenient.”


    She’d like to worry less about waste collection and more about the work she’s doing


    transportation of waste is a challenge

    Sean, 35

    Newport, RI

    Traditional Illustrator

    Sean is a professional illustrator who uses Acrylic paint. He uses a lot of rinse water to clean his brushes and finds it frustrating to go through the process of filtering the rinse water and testing its pH.

    “I need to clean my brushes often and it takes a lot of water. Filtering the water and buying the supplies to filter it is a hassle”


    He’d like to have a more efficient way to dispose of the rinse water.


    • testing the water waste is time consuming
    • there are too many supplies to buy to filter the water

    Diana, 48

    Richmond, VA

    School teacher  |  Crafter  |  Painting hobbyist

    Diana doesn’t paint that often and she usually washes her brushes in the sink. She’s recently learned that disposing of rinse water in the sink isn’t environmentally friendly and not good for the pipes in her house.

    “I want to be more environmentally conscious.”


    1. She’d like an efficient, cost effective way to dispose of rinse water
    2. She’d like to be able to dispose of waste when it’s convenient for her. Not that frequently


    • She doesn’t know which cleaning instructions to follow.
    • she doesn’t want to buy more supplies
    • she doesn’t want to dispose of the rinse water incorrectly.