Shop by size — Spot illustrations

These spot illustrations were part of a larger brand refresh. This was designed to help customers visualize rug sizes and make shopping for rugs by size easier. By using an isometric grid, and an established color scheme, other designers are able to create new illustrations that adhere to the style.


Icon library

Below are a selection of a larger group of icons I created and directed the creation of. uses Font Awesome for more general iconography, so for more rug specific icon needs, it was necessary to expand the existing icon library. These were created in Adobe Illustrator.


PDP Experience — "The Loop"

Addition of influencer content/social proof. I was responsible for art direction/creative direction and execution. Design goals included:

  • Designing as a template to allow for reuse with other UGC imagery and various quotes.
  • Keeping in mind legibility of quote on mobile
  • Designing layouts that would showcase the rug as well as accomodate for UGC images of different dimensions/sizes


Washables PLP Banner

Design/Illustration/Animation for an A/B test to direct users to new Washable Rugs assortment. There were 3 versions of this banner created — one static photo with text (the control), one looped video gif, and this animated gif. The goal of the test was to see if animation or video would increase click-throughs.

  • The animation style aligns with the Rugs USA brand guidelines.
  • The Concept was to make the animation style fun, lighthearted and give it character.
I was responsible for the concept, illustration, and animation. This began as a 6 frame sketch that was converted to vector shapes in Illustrator and a simple animation in Photoshop.

From the preliminary results, the video and animated versions received more clicks to the Washable PLP than the control (the static photo version).